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Expert: Rosatom attaches importance to cooperation with developing countries

Russia signed a number of international agreements on the margins of the 61st regular session of the IAEA General Conference. These were the agreement on cooperation in the field of the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes with Cambodia, the intergovernmental agreement with Paraguay, and the contract on the construction of the Nuclear Research and Technology Center in Bolivia.

As head of the analytical department of the Investment Company Lenmontazhstroy (LMS) Dmitry Kumanovsky commented to the Energy Expertise Center, Rosatom attaches great importance to cooperation with developing countries, as it allows for teaching foreign specialists to use Russian nuclear technologies, thus developing a new high-technology sector, BelTA informs.  When the economic development of the developing country needs cheap energy for remaining competitive on the global market, the Russian proposal will have the biggest weight, as the domestic company will already have trained local specialists oriented on the Russian technologies. Recognizing the advantages of the peaceful atom for agriculture and medicine, the heads of the developing countries will have a better understanding of the appropriateness of nuclear power plants. Therefore, nuclear research and technology centers play an important role in the future development of the nuclear corporation’s portfolio.

In particular, the intergovernmental agreement with Paraguay creates a basis for cooperation in the development of the nuclear infrastructure, the legal framework of nuclear regulation, research in the use of nuclear technologies, production of radionuclides and their use in the industry, agriculture and medicine. A new uranium deposit in Paraguay will allow turning mineral resources into a source of cheap and eco-friendly energy for the country.

Bolivia is building a high-altitude nuclear center to study radiotechnology for disinfecting products (extending their shelf life), diagnosing different diseases, and fighting against destructive insects.

The economic development of Cambodia directly depends on the accessibility and cost of electric energy. There is a clear understanding that for the wellbeing of its population the country needs to build nuclear power plants, the ones the neighboring countries have. Rosatom has already come to the biggest countries of the region: China and India. The cooperation with Cambodia will help strengthen the influence of the national nuclear power industry on the region, prepare specialists for using radiotechnology in the industrial sector, medicine, agriculture and environment.