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Korea Nuclear Partners eyes Russian market

Moscow played host to the 10th International Forum of Nuclear Industry Suppliers. This year, the forum brought together 1,670 participants from 31 countries. Approximately 84% of them were representatives of 860 suppliers who participated both in the business program and the exhibition program. The most numerous foreign delegations were from the Republic of Korea and Turkey.

CEO of the Korea Nuclear Partners Nam Seog Li said that the company wishes to enter the Russian market. “We are here to meet with such major customers as Rosatom. A lot of Korean companies came to Moscow to get information on licensing requirements to sell their products here. Our companies are ready to supply a large range of equipment and systems. We are interested in  new markets such as Russia and China, and we expect to meet Russian customers here,” he said.

According to him, “this is my first trip to Russia as part of a large delegation composed of 50 representatives from 26 companies”. He noted that there are common themes in the global nuclear industry. “Of course, it is not easy for foreign companies to participate in tenders held by state-owned companies as they need to be intimately familiar with local laws. Russia, as the United States or the European Union, has its own quotas. Right now, it would be difficult for Korean companies to start supplying their products here. But we need to find a balance of interests. We will have to put a lot of effort,” the CEO of Korea Nuclear Partners said.

“We have been building and operating nuclear plants in Korea. We have a good supply chain. We are ready to export our reactors to the UAE. We want to expand our presence in the global market. This is the main goal of our trip here. Korean companies are known for good quality, reliability and safety. I believe it would be beneficial for Russia to cooperate with Korean companies,” he noted.