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Opinion: Nuclear industry on the rise

“The main event in the nuclear industry this year was a record high production of electricity. It is expected to amount to more than 200 billion kW/hour. Rosatom has shown such numbers for the second consecutive year. This actually says it all: the industry has been growing fast,” Oleg Abelev, the head of the energy analysis department at the Ricom-Trust investment company, told the Energy Expert Center, BelTA has learned. 

According to the expert, the second most important event this year was the launch of a brand new unit at the Leningrad nuclear power plant. It was launched in March. During the year Russia's most advanced unit has reached its designed capacity and started producing electricity on an industrial scale.

“The third most important event from the economic point of view was the growth in procurement in the industry. We are talking about almost RUB2.5 trillion, which is almost a trillion more than in 2017. This shows that foreign projects have been progressing well, which is encouraging. There is a procurement roadmap, a digital strategy 2030. This means that there is movement in the main areas,” Oleg Abelev noted.