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Nuclear science facilitates progress in many other areas, Russian MP says


Nuclear science facilitates progress in many other areas, Valery Yazev, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Natural Resources, Environment And Ecology, was quoted by Russian media as saying.

“It is heartening to see that Russia is starting to respect science as the highest value again. It is obvious that it is impossible to regain the prestige of the Soviet science in one day, yet the positive trends are already visible. They are most clearly seen in the Russian nuclear industry,” he said.

Russia’s nuclear industry embraces not only nuclear power engineering and nuclear weapons complex, but also new areas (such as medicine, treatment technology, new superconducting materials).

The most promising projects in the nuclear industry are the creation of fast neutron reactors with a closed fuel cycle, the development of the basics of fusion-based energy industry, the creation of a transportation and energy module based on a megawatt-range nuclear energy-propulsion plant, the development of new isotopes for healthcare and for new superconducting materials, new water treatment and purification technologies. Research in the field of supercomputing has been making headway.