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Belarus ready to share nuclear power plant construction experience with Hungary

Belarus is ready to share its experience of building a nuclear power plant. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he summed up results of negotiations with Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, BelTA has learned.

A project similar to the Belarusian one is being implemented in Hungary with Russia's assistance. Two new units of the Paks nuclear power plant are being built.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “You are building a nuclear power plant just like the one we've built and are about to finish building in Ostrovets. The first unit will be commissioned literally within days. This [construction of the new units] is very important for Hungary. We have colossal experience of nuclear power plant construction together with Russians. I'll tell you more: our construction workers have built it themselves under Russia's supervision and engineering oversight. This is why we have experience. Russians are very pleased with our construction workers and invite us to build such nuclear power plants abroad, primarily in Egypt.”

The president suggested that the Belarusian side is ready to provide assistance and consultation in these matters if Hungary needs it. “I think you have enough construction workers of your own, and excellent ones at that. You can do it on your own. But I think you will use our assistance and support with regard to minor details of construction of such a nuclear power plant,” he remarked.