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Expert: Akkuyu NPP construction project demonstrates interest in Russian developments


The ceremony to launch the construction of the Akkuyu NPP took place in Gulnar, a district of Turkey's Mersin province, on 3 April 2018. The groundbreaking ceremony marked the start of the construction of the first Turkish nuclear power plant by the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.

Dmitry Baranov, the leading expert of the management company Finam Management, said the Akkuyu NPP construction project is another proof of interest in Russian developments, long-term experience in the construction and operation of nuclear power plants, BelTA has learned. In his opinion, the launch of this project will help Rosatom seal new deals with Middle Eastern and Asian countries which have been showing an increased interest in nuclear energy in the recent years. The Akkuyu project will contribute to the development of Russia's industry. It will also help get the money for growth and broaden the experience for further projects.

“Needless to say, this project is of great importance for Turkey, too,” Dmitry Baranov remarked. “This is pure electric energy for the national economy, in particular for tourism on the Mediterranean coast. The project will give provide Turkish companies with an opportunity to supply different goods and services, which will increase the employment opportunities and budgets at all levels, and will also promote them on the international market and bring new contracts. These may be contracts with Rosatom under other international projects. For Turkey, this project means the emergence of specialists in new fields, development of science and education,” the expert added.