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Belarus’ nuclear safety convention report on IAEA website this week

Detailed information about preparations for and the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant will be disclosed by the national report on the nuclear safety convention that will be published by the website of the International Atomic Energy Agency by the end of the week. The information was released by Olga Lugovskaya, Head of the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Department of the Belarusian Emergencies Ministry, during the online conference hosted by the BelTA website on 14 August.

“The report will be available in Russian and English. Its publication is an obligation that Belarus has undertaken and will undoubtedly fulfill. The report is now being finalized,” she said.

According to the official, the report will dedicate a chapter to the choice of the construction site of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. “I can say that the site is a good one due to many factors, including economic ones. Initially there were 70 sites to choose from. Later on the choice was narrowed down to the Ostrovets site, Kukshinovskaya site, and Krasnopolskaya site. If compared, the three sites fit the bill, with no factors to prohibit the construction of a nuclear power plant. However, due to several parameters the Ostrovets site was chosen as far as geological considerations are concerned, moreover, the rocks over there are more fitting for such construction projects,” noted Olga Lugovskaya.
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