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Rosatom starts sterilizing medical transport systems for COVID-19 testing

As part of the contract with HEM Company AO Sterion (a daughter enterprise of the Russian state nuclear industry corporation Rosatom, part of AO Rusatom Healthcare) has started sterilizing medical transport systems used as part of the COVID-19 testing process, the Rosatom press service told BelTA.

As part of the sterilization process products are placed on a special conveyor belt and are subjected to a beam of accelerated electrons. The technology allows keeping products in pasteboard packaging wrapped. After sterilization the products are available for use right away and do not require degassing unlike some other sterilization methods.

Over 20,000 medical transport systems have already been sterilized. According to Aleksandr Shibanov, Director General of AO Rusatom Healthcare (Rosatom’s integrator in the area of radiation technologies in healthcare and manufacturing sectors), as many as 150,000 transport systems will be processed by the end of April. “We intend to raise the number up to 300,000 in May,” he added.

The medical transport systems are designed for collecting biological samples and transporting them to labs for in vitro diagnostics. The product represents a sterile kit that includes a test tube coated with the appropriate medium to maintain the integrity of viral samples (including COVID-19), a screw cap for hermetic seal, and a cotton swab for collecting samples.

Apart from that, AO Sterion continues sterilizing medical masks. Some 1.5 million masks have already been processed.