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3D modelling lab to complement EU-funded computer class in Novopolotsk university

A unique lab for computer modelling and fast prototyping will be opened in the Belarusian city of Novopolotsk on 25 March, representatives of the Novopolotsk City Executive Committee told BelTA.

The new lab will be used by young scientists of the Novopolotsk-based Polotsk State University and by students of a large variety of specializations, primarily technical and artistic ones.

The university administration decided in favor of setting up the lab back in March 2014. The university's extrabudgetary resources have been used to acquire a 3D printer and an advanced high-resolution scanner in addition to two graphics workstations. The robust computers can handle complex engineering tasks as part of 3D modelling processes.

A computer class with 15 workstations has been created to complement the lab thanks to the Polotsk State University’s participation in the EU-funded international technical aid project TEMPUS. The universal software package ANSYS has been installed at every workstation in the class. Apart from that, the lab has a modern interactive sensor panel with two LCD TV sets as well as real 3D-printed models and products.

According to the source, the novelty will allow today’s students and tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, and designers to handle a number of tasks. For instance, they will be able to promptly make models and prototypes for their own projects as well as projects funded by the public sector and the private one. The equipment will also come in handy for replicating real fossils and archeological finds. The equipment will be useful for fast automated manufacturing of architectural models with literally zero waste. The lab can also be used for product quality control, museum affairs, the preservation of cultural legacy, for archiving product prototypes and other purposes.