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Belarusian, Polish scientists to research sol-gel materials together

A Belarusian-Polish lab to research sol-gel materials and technologies has been set up at premises of the Low-Temperature and Structure Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Wroclaw and the Gomel State University named after Frantsisk Skorina, BelTA learned from Vladimir Gaishun, head of the promising materials lab of the Gomel State University.

The agreement on setting up the lab was signed when a delegation of the Gomel-based university visited Poland. “Cooperation with the Polish institute began 20 years ago. But we’ve got as far as the agreement to set up the Belarusian-Polish lab only now. The step will allow Belarusian scientists to exchange experience with Polish colleagues, to carry out joint research, and to participate in international conferences. Getting professors, postgraduate students, and students involved in modern science and technology projects will also become one of the avenues the joint lab will explore,” said Vladimir Gaishun.

Belarusian-Polish collaboration will facilitate the commercialization of scientific products with their consequent promotion to the market of the European Union. “It will be possible thanks to the Warsaw-based Innovative Products Exchange. An innovative platform has been set up as part of the exchange for the sake of preparing deals between project initiators and investors. Preliminary evaluation of projects by scientists and the business community is available as well,” explained the source.

Belarusian and Polish scientists have already started working on a project involving optical ceramics. The project will be presented as part of implementation of the European Union’s program Horizon 2020.

The Low-Temperature and Structure Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Wroclaw focuses on several areas of research. The number includes studying qualities of materials at extremely low temperatures, including their optical parameters, and developing new materials.

Sol-gel process is a technology designed to make gel out of liquids and use the gel to make volumetric or thin-film materials. The technology is widely used in optics and electronics industry.