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Br114 million earmarked for science and technology programs in Belarus in 2019

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MINSK, 1 April (BelTA) – In 2019, Br114 million was earmarked for science and technology programs in Belarus, Yelena Knyazeva, the head of the science and technology programs department of the science and technology policy and expertise management of the State Science and Technology Committee of Belarus, said at a press conference on 1 April, BelTA has learned.

“In 2019, the funds allocated for all science and technology programs in Belarus totaled Br114 million, including Br63 million (55.3%) from budget resources,” Yelena Knyazeva said. “The largest share of the financing – Br36.8 million – was assigned to programs of the Belarusian Industry Ministry. Enterprises also heavily contributed to this. The share of financing from the budget came at around 40%, while enterprises provided the remaining 60% themselves,” she added.

In 2019, 16 national, ten sectoral, and one regional programs in scientific research and development activities as well as 580 R&D projects were underway in Belarus. Around a half of the programs were aimed at development and production of industrial goods.

Speaking about concrete solutions, Yelena Knyazeva mentioned a stationary electric charging station using direct current for passenger electric cars, onboard control systems for BelAZ trucks, airport buses (in line with a procurement request from Ukraine's Borispol International Airport), and a multifunctional additive for diesel fuel.

As a result of the implementation of science and technology programs in 2019, 16 new manufacturing facilities were set up at existing enterprises, seven more were upgraded, and another 44 underwent technical preparations. All in all, 838 new solutions were designed and put into practice, including 69 types of vehicles, ten new materials, and 36 technological processes.

The total cost of products developed in 2019 under science and technology programs came at Br1,000,086,000. Almost all of the products were sold, some of them abroad.