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Precise geolocation coverage for entire Belarus this year

The deployment of a precise geolocation system will be finished in Belarus in 2016, BelTA learned from Andrei Gayev, Chairman of the State Property Committee.

According to the source, the implementation of a major program is about to end. As many as 99 continuously operating reference stations (CORS) are supposed to be deployed. As many as 17 stations were bought last year. Now the grid comprises 90 stations, with another nine slated for commissioning in 2016. Once all of them are deployed, it will be possible to say that a precise geolocation system on par with the world’s best analogues has been created in Belarus.

Andrei Gayev stated that the system will come in handy for many applications from economic ones to defense ones. “For instance, our agencies use precise coordinates for land measuring when we need to measure specific land plots,” said the Chairman of the State Property Committee.

In the past specialists had to measure land plots manually on site in order to precisely determine the land plot’s borders. Now specialists can do the same without leaving the office through reliance on satellite data. The approach reduces the time and financial costs that such services require.