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Rosatom to present Atom City at science festival in Minsk


MINSK, 6 September (BelTA) – The Russian state nuclear industry corporation Rosatom will present Atom City during the Science Festival in Minsk on 11 September, the corporation's press service told BelTA.

The Science Festival will take place in the Botanical Garden in Minsk on 11 September under the aegis of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Rosatom will present a technological and bright zone of the city of the future – Atom City. “Comfortable, cheerful, and full of new ideas, everyone would like to live and create in such a city. We invite all the Minsk residents and guests of the city to talk a walk along improvised streets of Atom City and visit various locations,” the Rosatom press service said.

The program will feature workshops, exhibitions, scientific shows about the nature of things, lectures by famous scientists, quests, and contests with prizes. All of them will be built around the idea of introducing visitors to modern nuclear technologies and the role of peaceful nuclear technologies in the development of the economy and all the science-intensive branches. Visitors will be able to learn what capabilities nuclear technologies offer and where they can be used in addition to energy generation.

Deputy Director of Rosatom's Regional Center for Eastern Europe Vladimir Gorn said: “Nuclear technologies are part of our lives now. Not only energy but many other spheres are unimaginable without nuclear technologies. For starters nuclear medicine represents the foundation for quality diagnostics and treatment of many serious diseases. Apart from that, assistance of nuclear industry specialists is needed in the production sector, agriculture, and many other areas. For instance, in order to extend the shelf life of such important foods as wheat and rice they are sterilized using safe radiation levels. Even many spices, which can be found in a conventional kitchen, get irradiated. Otherwise, it would be simply impossible to deliver and keep them.”

Atom City's Center for Nuclear Knowledge will tell visitors even more about capabilities of nuclear technologies. Kseniya Nikolayeva, Project Manager of Rusatom Overseas Company, will tell visitors about types of research reactors and their possible applications. The famous Belarusian polar explorer and scientist Yuri Giginyak will be there to discuss global warming as one of the most drastic challenges of the modern world.

Visitors will be able to try welding a virtual seam in the VR Welders College. A mobile workstation based on a high-definition 3D scanner helps people try their hands at virtual welding. The workstation was developed by OAO Belenergoremnaladka and is used to train professional welders, who work at the Belarusian nuclear power plant.

The intensive program will be complemented by a scientific and engineering lab Construction Sounds. It was prepared by information centers for nuclear energy with assistance of Rosatom's engineering division (ASE). Visitors will be able to become research officers and will be able to explore all the mysteries and puzzles of the engineering bureau, combine voices of a techno tree into an audio track of impressions. They will be able to participate in experiments and captivating scientific shows, stage experiments in the science museum Elemento in the outdoors. They will be able to level up their knowledge about science, engineering, and nuclear technologies in intellectual games.