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BeCloud as second national telecom provider in Belarus


SOOO Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud) will create the second universal data transfer system in Belarus as competition for Beltelecom, including prices. The information was released by Vladimir Anishchenko, president of the council of the Infopark association, at the roundtable session held on 11 July to discuss the best digital government practices, BelTA has learned.

Vladimir Anishchenko remarked that the large-scale introduction of information and communication technologies should be carried out as part of public private partnership. The state does not always have spare resources to finance informatization processes. But investors can be invited for implementing such projects.

The introduction of a nationwide universal data network is one of the top communication and informatization projects in Belarus. The number also includes the launch of the root certification authority for the state system for managing digital signature public keys and the introduction of a universal system for identifying natural and legal persons.

Georgian experts shared their experience of introducing the digital government and making the transition to digital services. Georgia relies on national identification cards. The cards are used as an identification instrument, an access instrument, and a mechanism to access digital services.

Digital infrastructure development is in full swing in Georgia. In particular, the service JustDrive, which is a similar to a fast food chain, has been launched in the country. JustDrive allows drivers to get a relevant legal document after producing an identification card without leaving the car. Besides, a government web portal has been launched in Georgia to offer citizens access to information about their property (real estate, cars), their border crossing, and so on. Georgia has also implemented a digital procedure for registering corporations. Georgian business welcomed the changes with a lot of enthusiasm.

SOOO Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud) has been founded to implement promising projects in the area of information and communication technologies. The founders are the Belarusian enterprise National Data Peering Center (51% of the authorized fund) and the Russian businessman Konstantin Nikolayev. He is a co-owner of several major transport companies.