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Belarus ahead of CIS countries on HDI rankings

Belarus is ahead of the CIS countries on the Human Development Index, the public relations department of the Economy Ministry told BelTA while commenting on the significant improvement of Belarus’ position on the Human Development Index rankings.

“Belarus has vaulted 15 positions in the rankings from 65th to 50th among 187 states. The index value of the country has also improved (from 0.756 to 0.793). The ranking position was mostly improved thanks to the increase in the "average length of education” (from 9.3 to 11.5 years) and "life expectancy" (from 70.3 to 70.6 years),” the ministry said.

Belarus is part of the group of countries with high human development, and is just three points behind the group of countries with very high human development. The country is ahead of all CIS countries, with Russia in the 55th position, Kazakhstan 69th,” the ministry said.

Human development index (HDI) published by the United Nations is part of the global annual report on human development. The 2013 edition "The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World” notes that all countries have accelerated the pace of growth in education, health and income as measured by the HDI.
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