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Belarusian programmers for durable space industry processors

Belarusian programmers will take part in creating and testing special self-regenerating processors for spacecraft, BelTA learned from Sergei Gvardeitsev, founder and Director General of the Belarusian IT company Itransition. The company is a resident of the Hi-Tech Park.

The durable processors will be designed for modern communication satellites. Their microchips will be resistant to external environment and will boast stable operation in the outer space where any object is affected by solar particles.

Even if 75% of the microchip’s surface is burnt out, the processor will be able to recover and operate steadily. “You can compare it with the scene in the Terminator movie, when the character managed to recover and continue his mission by the skin of his teeth,” said Sergei Gvardeitsev.

The Belarusian company is expected to test the chips that the special processors will use. If possible, Belarusians will take care of developing the software. “One such processor can cost up to $300,000. It is sized as a run-of-the-mill CPU but the survivability of the unit is what matters,” said the founder of the IT company.

In the past Belarusian specialists were involved in the creation of smart sneakers for Adidas. IBM Corporation was the one to design the hardware while the Belarusian company came up with the software. “We developed the technology to allow sneakers with built-in microchips to collect data about parameters of the movement, the operation of the human body and so on. It was difficult because the microchip had to be very light. Besides, not all the standard interfaces were available for programming the chips,” admitted Sergei Gvardeitsev.

He also said that Itransition Company plans to open a development center in Kyiv soon. “We plan to create a resource base with about 200 specialists in the Ukrainian capital in the next 1-1.5 years,” explained the executive.

The company plans to penetrate the Ukrainian market by absorbing a local player. “We are considering buying a small company with a healthy growing team of 30 people or buying a standard structured company with one hundred personnel and expanding the staff later on,” said the Director General. Some Belarusian specialists will be transferred to Kyiv to build up the new development center.