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BelBioGrad high-tech park might be located in Smolevichi District


The infrastructure facilities of the BelBioGrad hi-tech park might be built in Minsk, while its manufacturing facilities might be located in Smolevichi District, Minsk Oblast, Dmitry Krupsky, head for science and innovative policy at the main macroeconomic analysis and forecast department of the Economy Ministry of Belarus, said at a session of the ministry on 22 February. The session reviewed the ministry’s efforts to promote innovations in Belarus in 2012.

“We are finalizing the borders of the land plots where the park will be located. In fact, the park will consist of two parts: the core or the infrastructure complex where office premises will be located and the industrial complex where production facilities of resident companies will be built,” the specialist said.

Dmitry Krupsky noted that the project “The Creation of National Scientific Technological Park in the Sphere of Pharmaceutics, Nano-, and Bio-Technology BelBioGrad” is one of the top projects of the Economy Ministry. BelBioGrad is part of the innovative policy of Belarus. It will have the necessary organizational, financial and intellectual resources to promote high-tech development of Belarus.

The legal framework for the project was drafted in 2012. The project will be implemented by the state scientific and production amalgamation Chemical Synthesis and Biotechnologies of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. At present the research center is working on a pool of potential investors and resident companies of the park.

BelBioGrad is expected to enhance the competitiveness of Belarus-made nano- and bio-pharmaceutical products on the domestic and international markets. The high-tech park will facilitate the transfer of modern technologies and solutions in the field of pharmaceutics, nano- and bio-technologies, micro- and nano-system solutions from aboard. It will help build up export capacities of Belarus in the field of pharmaceutics, nano- and biotechnologies, create an adequate physical infrastructure for innovate industries, and expand the national nano-technological network in Belarus. The BelBioGrad project will encourage domestic research and development in the field of pharmaceutics, nano- and bio-technologies, micro- and nano-system solutions, support and promote small innovative companies working in these industries, and encourage innovative entrepreneurship among small and medium-sized companies. The amount of investments needed to implement the BelBioGrad project is estimated at $3.3 billion.

Dmitry Krupsky informed that Belarus is busy working on the general construction plan of the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park. A set of regulations on the project has already been passed. The administration of the park and the management company have been established.

The Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park is an administrative-territorial entity of about 80 square kilometers with special legal treatment for comfortable business conditions and investment attractiveness. The concept of the park is to create comfortable infrastructure for business development, provides tax privileges for the participants of the project and introduce progressive one-stop service procedures.