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Over RUB360m for Union State microchip program in 2013

In 2013 more than RUB360 million will be channeled into the implementation of the Union State program Osnova (foundation), which is aimed at the development and production of series of integrated microcircuits and semiconductor devices for special-use and dual-use equipment. The information was released by Mr Vitaly Solodukha, Director General of the Belarusian electronics company OAO Integral, on 19 March, BelTA has learned.

The company is in charge of carrying out the program. According to the executive, it will be accomplished on time. The source said that it had taken five years to approve the program. The program is aimed at creating competitive, high-tech enterprises, strengthening the manufacturing cooperation between Belarusian and Russian enterprises, enhancing the integration ties between the two countries.

The program will be evenly funded by the Union State budget and by extrabudgetary resources. A total of RUB509.8 million will be allocated for the program by the Union State budget in 2010-2013 and as much will be spent by the companies in charge of fulfilling the program.

So far RUB370.3 million from the Union State budget and RUB286.8 million in proprietary money has been spent. The program is scheduled to end in 2013, with RUB139.5 million in Union State budget money and RUB223 million in proprietary resources to be spent still.

The program produced results in 2012. The development of 14 new products was completed. They are now used in computers of special-use automated systems, in armament systems, in automated control systems of nuclear power plants and in space equipment. About 40 research institutes and production sector enterprises of Belarus and Russia are involved in the program’s implementation. The financial resources of Belarus and Russia are fully used for research and development efforts.

As part of the program OAO Integral will design 68 type parts of new microchips and semiconductor devices.

The program is aimed at creating import-substituting electronic components to be used in the national economy and in strategic radio electronic systems and armaments systems, military hardware of Belarus and Russia.

The Integral company head also said that this year will see the start of the new Union State program aimed at designing thermal imagers, in particular multiplexors for thermal imaging receivers and video surveillance systems. The new products will be used in weaponry and other spheres at Belarusian and Russian enterprises.

Apart from that, Integral Company intends to take part in two more programs, which are still in development. The programs are named Kosmos (space) and Shchit (shield). The Integral Director General said that regretfully draft Union State programs take a long time to get authorized but now there is confidence that the process will be faster. “State Secretary of the Union State Mr Grigory Rapota has visited Integral and assured us that he will do his best to get the programs authorized faster,” said Vitaly Solodukha.

He also remarked that the implementation of Union State programs and the development of new ones were discussed at the session of the Supreme State Council of the Union State of Belarus and Russia in Saint Petersburg on 15 March. The session underlined the importance of carrying out programs in high technologies, telecommunications, and aerospace industry. “Microelectronics is part of high technologies. Therefore, Integral is intent on taking an active part in these programs for the sake of raising its competitive ability and the import-substituting base,” said the Director General.

The Belarusian company OAO Integral designs, manufactures and exports microelectronic components and electronic products. The merchandise is shipped to 27 countries, with Russia getting about 80% of the export.
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